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1:1 coaching in course design


€200 / hour




About the Course

If you're a consultant or freelancer looking to productise and package your service into an off-the-shelf workshop or long-form course, this is for you.

Whether you're looking to launch a cohort-based, self-paced, online, in-person or blended programme, we can coach you through the process.

Benefit from a seasoned sounding board while gaining tips and expertise in adult learning, end-to-end programme delivery, learning experience design and student success. 

Your Instructor

Fiona Whitehead

Fiona is an L&D leader, facilitator and education service designer. She’s spent the last decade scaling learning operations, building subject-matter expert communities and delivering industry-leading tech and digital transformation training for individuals and global corporates. She cares about helping people, teams and organisations deliver powerful learning experiences, with community, growth mindset and learner goals at their core. You’ll find her in sunny Lisbon with her husband, son and dog and she’s always searching for the ultimate pancake.

Fiona Whitehead
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